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C. kelly Accounting, Inc

We’re not your regular January through April accounting firm. We offer all year round service

We’re All About Achieving Your Financial Goals

Kelly Accounting, Inc. started over a decade ago with the passion of helping companies and the people who run them achieve optimal financial health. We offer a suite of accounting services ranging from simple invoice and billing payments to more robust tax preparation and business formation.

We’re a team of skilled professionals who act as an extension to your team. We’re not a stuffy accounting firm only available during tax season. (Though we’re really good at that, too!) We don’t limit ourselves. We’re here to support your business year-round.

We love working with small and medium-sized business owners. We know that business leaders like you have a lot on your plate. Between juggling your business and focusing on its growth, accounting is often not at the top of everyone’s mind. We work with you and make your accounting and financial records simple and easy to understand so you can focus on your business. All while a trusted team of CPAs and finance professionals help you achieve your financial goals.

We offer:

Individual and small business

Bookkeeping services

Business formation

Billing & payroll services

Tax preparation

Our Mission

We provide Tax Preparation Nationwide.

All of our services are tailored to you and your financial needs. When you work with us, you don’t get a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. You get custom financial consulting and accounting, specific to your business needs. We believe in taking care of our clients, which is why it is our mission to deliver exceptional financial accounting with care and clarity.

Our Office

Foothill Ranch, CA

26741 Portola Pkwy,
Ste 1E, # 803,
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610,

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We will take care of your accounting and administrative services

No matter where you are in the country, we can help you with your accounting needs. We provide tax preparation nationwide and can assist with any unique state-specific concerns.

When you partner with us, we are able to encompass every aspect of your financial health and life to deliver quality, accurate, and timely services at an affordable price. We want your business to grow, and as it does so will your financial obligations. We’ll be here for you every step of the way.

Whether you are just starting up or have been in business for years, we can help you achieve your financial goals! When you partner with us, you’ll work directly with a specialist as an extension of your team. They’ll ensure any issues are given the highest level of attention. And be on call to support you should any questions or concerns arise.

When you work with C. Kelly Accounting You’ll Receive:

  • Custom services tailored to your business needs.
  • An attentive, communicative team of financial professionals ready to assist you.
  • A financial team who acts as an extension of your current team.
  • Access to a direct specialist who knows the unique aspects of your company.